We are an active group of around 20 ringers, both male and female, with an age span between 11 and 70+. We meet every Sunday at 09.30 to ring for the 10.30 service, except when it is the fifth Sunday of the month when the service is 11.00 and we gather at 10.00.

Practice night is Tuesday 19.00 to 21.00.

We hold an annual, open day as part of the town’s carnival celebrations, when we give demonstrations and allow people to “have a go”, under strictly controlled conditions. This has proved very popular and has been the source of several new recruits.

ringers_logo_2-qprEach year we have an annual outing, visiting towers in different parts of the country, broadening our experience by ringing in many different and sometimes testing, situations.

We try to mark national and local anniversaries and events with quarter peals where appropriate.

The Malmesbury Abbey Guild of Change Ringers was officially created on 17th August 1947, ringing the 5 bells from ground level of St Paul’s Tower. In 1950 the Guild persuaded the PCC that they should embark on a project to augment the 5 bells to 8. After intensive fund-raising efforts and magnificent support from the Abbey congregation and the townspeople, the augmented ring was consecrated in 1951!

The Guild has been ringing the bells for services at Malmesbury Abbey since 1947.